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Sightless Haze is a 2D puzzle-platformer. This game is about a blind boy stranded to a place unknown to him. Feeling vulnerable, he needs to look for an exit. He was born blind and later developed a power to see everything (no color, just textures) around him using Mana particles generated through out the land but this place, specifically, has little to no Mana and he can "see" it.

He has to preserve his Mana to retain sight and get out of the place, time is at stake or he could be very well lose his sight.

This game requires you to move/jump around platforms, avoiding traps and solve puzzles to progress WHILE managing the usage of your Mana. There are Mana particles spread around the level.

Dev Note: This game is made for my course's project and I'd like to apologize for the imperfections and I might want to develop this game further outside my classes if it is interesting enough.

-Key Features-

  • Expandable sight to guide your way around the level
  • Cute simple pixel art


Release date : 26/06/15

Platform : PC

Price : Free

-Personal Bio-

I am artist in training and currently a Student at Media Design School in Auckland, New Zealand. I am striving forward to be a good concept artist, and designs in the gaming world so I could pour out everything I have in mind into something that I love and enjoy, playing video games.




Sightless Haze.exe 7 MB